1-24-16 Pastor Todd


Touch of Life Church-Fishers teaches with a style that’s always relevant, entertaining, and applicable to your daily life. Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. -Romans 10:17- Our prayer is that you will be inspired and motivated to serve the Lord and build the Kingdom of God!


Acacia_greggii_thornsIn Josh. ch. 3 we read how in route to crossing over the Jordan river the Israelites stopped and camped at a location know as Acacia Grove. It was there that several lessons were to be learned before they entered into the land of milk and honey.


Joshua pic 2Joshua had to make a decision… Does he remain with the mentality of the assistant or accept the role as the new leader that would take his nation into the land that was promised. Joshua was NEXT. Now is your time and your NEXT. Move forward in GOD and allow your steps to be guided as did Joshua and no matter what be “Strong and Courageous”.


Desert Highway The Lanes require us to stay in them as we travel thru the construction zones of life. The good news is that the blueprints for a strong foundation and direction are found in the Bible! If you feel like you have gotten off  course listen to this and be encouraged that GOD has the right lane for you!



Similar to our lives the construction zones often requires Limits that dictate our speed as we travel thru them. We serve a Limitless GOD! “We are all a work in progress”.


florida-st-george-island-beach-sunrise-flkrCome to Touch of Life Church Fishers to meet Jesus; let Him embrace you;feel His Love, Joy, and Peace.
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